“Blast Away” Your Dental Fear

Thanks to the Biolase WaterLase® laser, people who need fillings or gum disease treatment can now enjoy a less invasive approach that minimizes unnecessary pain and trauma. The Biolase® blends water and laser energy to perform these procedures with unprecedented precision. Patients can expect effective treatment and a low risk of pain and other unwanted outcomes, such as infection, tissue damage, and tooth fractures.

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Better Than Conventional Tools

The Biolase WaterLase® laser offers various benefits over conventional surgical tools. It allows Dr. Sorkin to etch, incise, or otherwise reshape these structures with a high level of accuracy; this precision eliminates unnecessary harm to neighboring tissue, so patients may experience a more efficient recovery after undergoing laser dentistry. The laser does not generate friction, and the water absorbs the heat that the laser creates. Due to these properties, patients perceive minimal pain, if any, during Biolase WaterLase® procedures.

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How do we use Waterlase® Technology?

Dr. Sorkin uses the Biolase WaterLase® laser to prepare the teeth for fillings or to complete gum disease treatment. During filling placement, the use of the laser helps lower the risk of adverse complications. Since the laser does not generate heat or vibrations, it is less likely to cause thermal damage or fractures. Treatment with the Biolase WaterLase® laser offers similar benefits for those with periodontal disease. The precise nature of this treatment also ensures that patients maintain as much healthy gum tissue as possible to shield their teeth against future infections or trauma.

Dr. Sorkin is proud to offer laser dentistry to facilitate more effective and prompt treatment for patients. This approach makes it easier for those with dental anxiety to receive needed care. The low-risk nature of the procedure also enables patients to receive fillings or gum disease treatment without fear of prolonged complications or delayed healing.


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