What is National Toothache Day?

February is often thought of as being all about love and caring for others because of Valentine’s Day. We also believe that self-love is important, and that includes caring for your oral health. Aside from Valentine’s Day, there is a lesser-known holiday that occurred on February 9th — National Toothache Day. While this day may seem like a complete contrast to a day focused on love, National Toothache Day is a time to raise awareness about the importance of showing love to your mouth by maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Be Prepared This Summer!

We don’t know about you, but we have been thoroughly enjoying the summer weather! There is nothing quite like a summer in New Jersey, with the endless number of activities right at our fingertips. While we hope you are having a summer full of fun, we want to remind you that accidents can happen at any time. Dental emergencies are last on the list of what we would expect, but it is always good to be prepared. Read on to learn more important information about dental emergencies.

Are Your Teeth Trying To Tell You Something?

We are not sure about you, but we have been loving the crisp, cool fall mornings. A nice hot cup of tea or coffee is the perfect way to start the day when the temperature outside drops. Would you love to drink a hot beverage each morning but stop yourself because the temperature makes your teeth feel uncomfortable? Many of us experience sensitive teeth from time to time, but if you are avoiding your favorite foods and drinks because the temperature is too much for your teeth, your mouth might be telling you there is a problem. Read on to learn about what your teeth may be trying to tell you.