An Easy Way to Improve Your Smile

Have you been considering making an improvement with your teeth? Or are you self-conscious of your smile so you avoid speaking closely to someone or refuse to smile and show your teeth? If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth we have a number of procedures that can greatly improve the look of your front teeth. One particular non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure leaves a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Interested in learning more about this popular treatment? Read on for more details.

Fix the “Root” Of Your Dental Problems

Do you have teeth with numerous deep fillings that are still causing you problems? If so, you might need a root canal. We know that term can have a tendency to make some patients nervous, but we are here to tell you that root canals aren’t as bad as you may think. Many patients don’t truly understand the need for a root canal and how it can actually save you from a more costly and involved procedure such as a dental implant.

Don’t Let Anxiety Get in the Way of Your Oral Health

Are you experiencing an issue with your teeth and you can’t bring yourself to schedule an appointment in our office out of fear of the dentist? Whether you are feeling discomfort or have not been to our office in quite some time for a hygiene examination, we know there is a percentage of our patients who feel uneasy. If you are someone who feels this way, don’t be discouraged, and please know you are not alone. In fact, millions of Americans suffer from some form of fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist or receiving dental care. Fortunately, we have a solution to help ease your fears. Continue reading to learn more about a service that may help you change your perception about the dentist.

Important Steps to Combat Gum Disease

There is a disease that is running rampant through American adults, and while your thoughts probably immediately go to the pandemic situation that we are currently experiencing, we are referencing something that greatly affects your oral health: Gum Disease. Gum disease currently affects more than half of American adults. Since February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, we wanted to discuss the importance of taking care of your gum health and ways that you can help prevent this disease from affecting you or a loved one.

Learn About Our New Technology

Is a dental practice that keeps up with advancements in technology important to you? Your answer should be yes, because it is important to us. We believe in constantly evolving as a practice to bring you the latest and greatest in dental technology. We have recently added a new piece of technology equipment to the office to bring you more comfortable and efficient procedures. Continue reading to learn about this new addition to our office.

Alcohol and Oral Health

Now that December has arrived, we are in the throes of planning for the holidays. Along with the added stress the holidays bring, we are also dealing with the effects of the year we have had. For many, the holidays will look very different this year, with cancelled holiday parties and smaller, more intimate gatherings than usual, even just limited to immediate family. Although there will be some differences this year, many of you will still be enjoying a glass of wine at your Hanukkah dinner, a cup of eggnog in front of your Christmas tree, and popping a bottle of champagne to ring in the New Year. Before the liquid courage starts flowing this holiday season, we want you to be aware of how alcohol consumption can affect your oral health.

Additional Safety Measure Recently Installed At Our Office

We pride ourselves on welcoming and providing our patients with gentle care and a great overall experience. We are also committed to the health and safety of our patients and staff. We can all remember back in March when we had to close our doors, and while it is not a fond memory, we have reopened with a number of safety measures and precautions in place to ensure that our patients and staff are as safe as possible during treatments. In addition to our current measures and precautions, we are happy to announce that we have increased the safety of the dental care we provide. Continue reading to learn about an additional safety measure recently installed in our office.