Important Steps to Combat Gum Disease

There is a disease that is running rampant through American adults, and while your thoughts probably immediately go to the pandemic situation that we are currently experiencing, we are referencing something that greatly affects your oral health: Gum Disease. Gum disease currently affects more than half of American adults. Since February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, we wanted to discuss the importance of taking care of your gum health and ways that you can help prevent this disease from affecting you or a loved one.

Find Out If You Are At High Risk For Oral Cancer

November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, which is a month dedicated to bringing knowledge and awareness to mouth and oral cancers. While mouth and oral cancers are not the leading forms of cancer in the US, it is all the more reason to focus on risks in your daily life that could contribute to developing the disease. Continue reading to learn if you are at high risk for mouth and oral cancer.

Fillings No One Will Notice

Nobody wants to get a filling, but it’s a very common dental treatment that will restore the health of your tooth and keep it from further damage. During your routine dental check up is when we most often spot a tiny hole forming on the enamel of your tooth. Through the use of X-rays, we can spot these cavities forming between teeth as well. A filling treatment is a fast and easy procedure that will get you back on track to excellent dental health.

Prevention Is Key

As a child, you may have constantly been reminded to brush your teeth every morning and night, as well as floss, so that you would have healthy white teeth when you grew up. You may also have been taken to the dentist twice a year and never missed a routine cleaning and exam appointment. As adults, however, we can get complacent with our dental care because we don’t have any problems. We might think it’s ok to miss a night here or there of brushing and no big deal if we skip a dental visit because we are too busy. This is a bad habit to fall into, however. Taking care of your teeth is just as important as it was when you were a child. Consistent care can reduce many of the tooth, gum and mouth diseases that not only wreak havoc on your mouth, but can affect your overall health, as well.