Do You Have This Silent Disease?

February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, and we want to take some time to explain the importance of caring for your teeth as well as your gums. When you visit our office for a routine hygiene examination, we do more than clean your teeth and inspect for decay. We also check your gums, tongue and cheeks for indicators that you may be experiencing other issues with your oral health. Gum Disease affects approximately half of American adults. Do you know the warning signs to look for to see if you are experiencing symptoms? Continue reading to learn more.

Uncertain About Visiting The Dentist? Don’t Be!

Are you nervous about visiting our office because you are worried about being uncomfortable during your treatment? Our goal is to offer you the most comfortable dentistry available. We never want our patients to postpone or delay needed treatment out of concern for their comfort level. Continuous updates to dental technology as well as our team being diligent about continuing their education on new machinery, practices, and procedures ensure that you receive outstanding service. Interested in learning about some of the technology and treatments that we use to treat your mouth and help us prevent future damage from occurring? Read on to learn more.

Learn About Our New Technology

Is a dental practice that keeps up with advancements in technology important to you? Your answer should be yes, because it is important to us. We believe in constantly evolving as a practice to bring you the latest and greatest in dental technology. We have recently added a new piece of technology equipment to the office to bring you more comfortable and efficient procedures. Continue reading to learn about this new addition to our office.

Additional Safety Measure Recently Installed At Our Office

We pride ourselves on welcoming and providing our patients with gentle care and a great overall experience. We are also committed to the health and safety of our patients and staff. We can all remember back in March when we had to close our doors, and while it is not a fond memory, we have reopened with a number of safety measures and precautions in place to ensure that our patients and staff are as safe as possible during treatments. In addition to our current measures and precautions, we are happy to announce that we have increased the safety of the dental care we provide. Continue reading to learn about an additional safety measure recently installed in our office.

Are You Anxious About Your Dental Visit? Relax!

We look forward to seeing you each time you visit our office. But we know that you may not be so anxious to see us because you could be one of 75% of the population that suffers from dental anxiety.

There are instruments and sounds that can trigger this fear and, sometimes, even previous bad dental experiences can leave you with a dread of the dental office. We know it can cause stress and lead you to avoid keeping your appointments, which of course isn’t good for your oral health. Click here to learn our way of helping you deal with your anxiety so you can get the care you need.