The Overdenture Option

The loss of natural teeth doesn’t have to be the end of eating foods you like or smiling confidently. There are many options available to replace missing teeth, and one of these is with the use of an overdenture. An overdenture goes over a supporting structure, such as natural teeth or dental implants and is made up of prosthetic crowns and acrylic plastic that simulates gum tissue. They are like dentures in that they can be removed, but they get their support from dental implants.

Improving the Fit of Dentures

If you wear dentures, do you find that they are constantly slipping? Are you missing teeth and want the benefits of a denture but with a more secure fit? With overdenture treatment, you can enjoy the advantages of dentures that are stabilized with implants rather than adhesives. Using implants to hold the denture makes it fit and feel better while giving you a healthy and beautiful smile.

New High Tech Dental Practice

New Jersey dentist to offer latest in dental technology! It’s a kinder and gentler world at the dentist’s office these days. The scary needles and drills are being replaced with high tech equipment that didn’t even exist a few years ago. One such piece of dental technology is called Air Brush. No drills? No needles?…