An Easy Way To Protect Your Kid’s Teeth Against Cavities

Did you know that we now see children three years old and older? When we see our pediatric patients for an oral hygiene examination, parents are often concerned about dental decay, one of the most common oral health conditions in children. We are happy to offer a treatment that helps prevent decay from developing on teeth. Read on to learn more and see if this treatment would be beneficial to your children and your family.

Habits That Are Harming Your Child’s Teeth

Teaching the children in your life good oral health habits will benefit them during their childhood and into adulthood. Just as with adults, some habits can cause serious complications with children’s oral health. The earlier you start changing harmful habits, the better off you and your children will be. Here are some habits that may be harming your children’s oral health:

What To Know About Baby Teeth

If you have a young child in your life, you know how exciting all of the milestones can be when they are a baby and move through childhood. Once children move out of the baby and toddler stages, there are very few milestones left that are celebrated in a big way, except for one: losing your first baby tooth. Losing baby teeth can be exciting and nerve-racking. We want to answer some questions about losing baby teeth to help ease your mind.

Let’s Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

If you are thinking that there are no special days in the summer to celebrate other than Independence Day and Labor Day, you would be incorrect. There is a very special day that we can celebrate on August 22nd — National Tooth Fairy Day! Have you never heard about this special day before? Let us tell you more about how you can celebrate this dental holiday. Just as you may assume from the name, this holiday is a day that recognizes a young child losing their baby teeth as well as the special fairy who pays a visit to collect the teeth and leaves behind a special token or prize. National Tooth Fairy Day is actually celebrated twice a year. Two times a year symbolizes the number of times that children should receive a dental cleaning.

Now Welcoming Children!

We have exciting news! We are now seeing children ages three and up in our office for their oral health needs. We know that schedules are busy, especially when children are involved, and it can be difficult to schedule appointments for your family at various medical offices. We are thrilled we can take away some of that burden and welcome your entire family to our office for dental care. Read on to learn more about this exciting news and how to help prepare your child for their visit to our office.