Caring For Your Oral Health When You Are Under the Weather

Since we are in the middle of December, we know that many of our patients are in the thick of their holiday celebrations and plans. Whether you are enjoying traditions with family and friends that you didn’t get to experience last year or you are taking a much needed trip or vacation, the winter sniffles and other illnesses can crop up at any moment. While we hope all of our patients remain healthy during this time, occasional illnesses are always possible. If you should happen to fall ill, there are certain changes that you should be making to help your oral health and help improve your overall health.

Top Reasons To Replace A Missing Tooth

Have you recently experienced a tooth extraction or learned that you need to have a tooth replaced? Whether you have experienced decay, an illness, trauma to the mouth, or effects of gum disease, we are here to help you. Depending on the location of your problem area, you might be wondering if you need to replace the tooth, especially if it is one of the rear molars. We are here to tell you that, no matter the location, teeth should always be replaced. It is beneficial to the overall health of your mouth and surrounding teeth. Read on to learn more.

Nervous About Your Next Appointment? Try One Of These Relaxation Techniques

Do you have an upcoming hygiene examination or scheduled dental treatment and are feeling nervous about your appointment? We know that we have patients who experience nerves when they visit the dentist. Dr. Sorkin and the entire team at Caring Dental of Spotswood want their patients to feel comfortable while in the office. We want to share some tips to help you relax before and during your next appointment.

Are Your Teeth Trying To Tell You Something?

We are not sure about you, but we have been loving the crisp, cool fall mornings. A nice hot cup of tea or coffee is the perfect way to start the day when the temperature outside drops. Would you love to drink a hot beverage each morning but stop yourself because the temperature makes your teeth feel uncomfortable? Many of us experience sensitive teeth from time to time, but if you are avoiding your favorite foods and drinks because the temperature is too much for your teeth, your mouth might be telling you there is a problem. Read on to learn about what your teeth may be trying to tell you.

Perfect Time To Improve Your Smile

It’s hard to believe that we are deep into the fall season. It seems like only yesterday we were laying on the sand at the beach or floating around in the pool. Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us and the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, and family get-togethers will be in full swing. Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and treat yourself to the change in your smile that you have been considering. Scheduling a treatment now will allow you to enjoy and show off your results throughout the holidays and beyond!

Hard-To-Clean Molars Giving You Trouble?

Do you feel that no matter how well you care for your teeth you are always experiencing dental decay? Or do you worry that your children aren’t cleaning their teeth as well as they should be? Proper oral hygiene is the best way to prevent decay from developing on your teeth. However, when your back molars have deep grooves, it doesn’t matter how stellar your oral hygiene is, decay and cavities can still creep in. We offer a popular treatment that can act as a barrier, protecting the teeth from harmful bacteria and acids. Read on to learn more.

Let’s Celebrate National Gum Care Month

It seems that lately there is always a new holiday or celebration coming up on the calendar. Being that it is September, we all know and celebrate Labor Day, which also typically signifies the end of summer when you live anywhere close to the Jersey Shore. If you are looking for a unique day to observe in the month of September, why not look into National Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is celebrated on September 19th. We want to take a few moments and discuss National Gum Care Month, which also occurs during the month of September. Many of our patients are extremely focused on the health of their teeth; however, gum health is just as important. Over half of the adults in America suffer from some form of gum disease.

Get Your Smile Ready For Fall

It’s hard to believe that another summer is wrapping up. September is here, which means that school is starting back up again, work schedules are returning to normal, fall sports are in full swing, and busy fall days are on the horizon. It’s crazy to think that before we know it the holiday season will be here again. Would you love to make a subtle change to your smile this fall for any upcoming events and holiday fun that you have planned? Your smile will be sure to wow the crowd. Continue reading to learn more about a popular treatment that can make bright changes to your teeth.

What to Know About Overdentures

When thinking about choosing a tooth replacement option, the common choices that many patients are familiar with seem to be implants or dentures. Did you know that there is an option that blends the two of those options together? An overdenture is a removable dental prosthesis that fits over a supporting structure such as natural teeth or dental implants. Overdentures are typically preferred over a traditional denture that uses adhesive to attach in the mouth and sit on the gums.

Uncertain About Visiting The Dentist? Don’t Be!

Are you nervous about visiting our office because you are worried about being uncomfortable during your treatment? Our goal is to offer you the most comfortable dentistry available. We never want our patients to postpone or delay needed treatment out of concern for their comfort level. Continuous updates to dental technology as well as our team being diligent about continuing their education on new machinery, practices, and procedures ensure that you receive outstanding service. Interested in learning about some of the technology and treatments that we use to treat your mouth and help us prevent future damage from occurring? Read on to learn more.